12 November 2011

The Most Organized Diaper Bag Ever!

         Anyone that has ever had a baby knows how important it is to have a reliable diaper bag that is right for you because if you and your diaper bag can never get along when you go on outings with baby it can make a good day go bad!  I think I have finally found mine after already having 3 previous babies and 3 previous diaper bags! Let me introduce you to Fisher-Price's Deluxe Everyday Organizer with the FastFinder™ Pocket System-  
It is the first diaper bag I have seen that has so many organizing options! It has a place for everything and my personal favorite feature of the bag is that these places are labeled so when grandma or dad have to go looking for something in there they will find it quickly and easily! I was also amazed at the bag's size- (its pretty much equal to the purse the average woman carries around but it seems to have even MORE room!) The insulated pocket for bottles is also a huge plus! In the past I often remember wondering how in the heck am I suppose to keep a bottle cold for a few hours without packing a mini cooler?? Now Fisher-Price has given me the answer!
 I currently have my bag packed full waiting to make the trip to the hospital with me as soon as baby decides to arrive within the next 11 days and I couldn't be happier with it! Right now it holds--3 pacifiers, 2 empty bottles, 10 newborn diapers and the to-go case full of wipes (the case is included in the bag-just add wipes!), cushioned changing pad (also included), 2 swaddling blankets, 2 pairs of mittens, a hat, 2 sleeper outfits, 2 normal outfits, 2 burpcloths, 2 small toys, diaper rash cream and travel size minis of lotion, bath wash..etc  and there is still plenty of room for more! I love the space in this bag and its simple but "sophisticated" look! So if your having a baby anytime soon or someone you love is check out the  Deluxe Everyday Organizer with the FastFinder™ Pocket System Diaper Bag before anything else! It will be well worth it! I know I'm extremely impressed with mine! Its more than a diaper bag- it's my side kick when it comes to baby dilemmas! To Buy or see more about the bag click here and
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**I received the above product free of charge for my review. My review reflects my honest opinion about my experience with this product.**


  1. Wow, it seems like that holds a lot! It does look good and sturdy too.

  2. It seemed kind of big to me at first but when I packed it for the upcoming hospital trip I realized it was perfect!

  3. I just purchased this bag and love it! Baby hasn't arrived yet but this bag is going to make it so much easier to find things. I only happen to get it because the bag I originally wanted was out of stock in the store. Saw this one and thought it was very functional. It also has lots of room. Love the easy access to the wipes. Think I may also get the smaller one for trips to like amusement parks and such.