22 November 2011

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Space Adventure released November 8th!

        With 3 children between the ages of 2-5 I watch a lot of "preschool" shows and one of our daily ones is Disney's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I never watched it as a kid myself but have come to like it  and watch it with the girls who always seem to love helping Mickey figure out his problems! Space Adventure is as educational and fun as the TV series I watch everyday and it met my expectations as always! Space topics are hard enough to explain to an adult let alone a 2 year old and I thought Mickey and his friends did a great job of introducing my toddlers to it! Along the way the gang also meets some new friends-(my girls were fasinated with the idea of aliens!) and overcome many new obstacles with the help of your child! The combo pack also came with glow-in-the-dark space-themed stickers that the girls decided to put on poster board to make their own "space station" they use to teach me about space! Anything to do with stickers is fun in our house so finding them in with our movie was like an extra "bonus"- the girls loved using them and they even shared! Since watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Space Adventure my girls can't stop talking about the aliens, the moon and stars, what space is and saturn's giant rings! Even on days they don't watch the movie this happens which tells me the new stuff they learned stuck with them which is a great thing to see and makes the movie worth the money because my kids had fun watching it and leaned so much at the same time!
It was released on Novemeber 8th so go get your copy today!  Its suggested retail price for the 2 disc DVD and digital copy combo pack is $19.99 U.S. $24.99 Canada
 Its rated TV-Y and has a run time of about 70 minutes

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Movie Synopsis: It’s Adventure Day and Professor Von Drake is sending Mickey and pals into the far reaches of outer space. The team blasts off in their Clubhouse Rocket in search of Treasure Stars that will point the way to the Out-of-this-World Treasure, their ultimate goal. The interplanetary trip takes preschool viewers first to the Moon, Mars and the Rings of Saturn. Along the way, the gang gets help from friendly space aliens Moon Men Chip and Dale, Martian Mickey and Pluto from Pluto but they also encounter sneaky Space Pirate Pete, who wants the Treasure all for himself. Eventually the Clubhouse Rocket’s crew and Space Pirate Pete manage to become friends, and they all follow the trail of the Treasure Stars to the mysterious Planet Mickey where they discover the location of the Out-of-this-World Treasure. It turns out to be a futuristic, space age version of the Clubhouse -- the perfect meeting place for all pals across the universe! 



  1. my granddaughter loves it
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  2. They used to when we had cable.. this would be a treat for them.

  3. my daughter watches it all the time

  4. My niece watches it. It's her favorite show
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  5. My children watch it regularly and love it.


  6. my daughter watches it everyday

  7. Yes we watch all the time. Even the grown ups here at the house start watching when Mickey is on.
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  8. Yes, Disney is always on at our house.