07 November 2011

To get the cleanest mouth you'll EVER have USE THERABREATH!

Having a family of 5 (soon to be 6 this month) I normally play eveything safe and stick to "what works" so I know we will never have any unexpected problems. Same laundry detergent for the kids, same deodorant for hubby, same eyeliner brand for me but this month I got the chance to try out 3 of TheraBreath's products! Normally change is not a good thing in this household but this was a GREAT change!
      First off was the original toothpaste. Hubby and I popped the seal off, read the directions and proceeded on. The 2 big differences I noticed is that it said to apply the paste to a dry toothbrush and normally I get mine wet, secondly the paste didn't really foam (but inside the information packet I learned that foam doesn't necessarily = clean!) .....It can actually be more harmful then helpful! After brushing like we were suppose to our teeth and tongue looked amazingly better and felt it too!
       Next up was their other best seller the mouthwash. Yet again we read the directions and followed on. I loved how the mouthwash didn't burn like the ones that contain alcohol and all of that extra junk does! This mouthwash also tells you to do a mouth rinse once and then a throat gargle which I think made a huge difference in how good our breathe smelt and how good our mouthes felt!
      I was already won over with the first 2 products and then I tried their new lozenges which are just like mints! They are suppose to kill bad breathe and get rid of your dry mouth! One mint's effects can last for about 4-5 hours! I LOVE these things! I really do notice a difference in my breathe and when I wake up in the morning with that bad breath, nasty, dry, sticky, mouth feeling I grab a TheraBreath lozenge and it makes me feel 100 times better until I can get my toddlers taken care of for me to get the chance to use my toothpaste/mouthwash I need so badly!
   I cannot believe I've never heard about this product before but now that I know it exists and what it does it will be in my household for a long time coming! My husband is like a big kid when it comes to things like brushing teeth but lately he's raced me to the bathroom to make sure I don't hog "his" toothpaste! So I know I'm not crazy Therabreath really is "Good Stuff"! So if you're using the old normal toothpaste like I was and want to see better results than that or if you or anyone in your family has a problem with canker sores or bad breathe....dry mouth...etc this could be your new lifesaving product!
  Be sure to enter the giveaway below for your chance to win 1 tube of TheraBreath toothpaste and 1 bottle of TheraBreath Oral Rinse, This will be for US residents only please and if you have already won a TheraBreath prize, PLEASE DO NOT enter to allow others a chance to try out the products so they to can see how awesome TheraBreath is! Giveaway will close November 25th 2011!(Black Friday!)  May enter once but can tweet daily to recieve extra entries! **I received the above products free of charge for my review. My review reflects my honest opinion about my experience with these products. The sponser is also responsible for providing the giveaway products.**


  1. Currently, we are using colgate maxclean with smartfoam. I would LOVE to try this product as my daughter suffers from bad breathe and nothing seems to work!

  2. We use Colgate.


  3. I use Therabreath and it is a wonderful product dguillen at kc dot rr dot com

  4. We use Colgate and Aim! Thanks so much for the fantastic giveaway!
    Renee Walters

  5. scope and crest

  6. whatevers on sale crystletellerday@yahoo.com

  7. I use Tom's of Maine.

    reannenny at aol.com

  8. Currently using Crest toothpaste. I was using Listerine mouthwash but ran out and haven't replaced it yet.
    april dot vrugtman at gmail dot com

  9. I use crest whitening tooth paste, but i currently dont own a mouthwash.


  10. I use colgate mint and usually just generic mouthwash.


  11. crest mint

  12. I use Crest 3D white toothpaste and Listerene Total Care mouthwash.sexykylla@yahoo.com