12 January 2012

Jockey and Purex Make a Great Pair!

To the women who work-out : You know how when you work out you always put on your sports bra (for obvious reasons of course!) and when your done you take it off and wash it but over time you notice its really not working as good as it use to - well thats because most athletic wear that gets rinsed in liquid fabric softeners isn't suppose to and if you do it  prevents the moisture wicking fabrics from working because of the oils the softener contains!! Purex has found a solution to this problem! 2012 Purex Crystals!
I recently have had the chance to try Purex Crystals in the tropical splash scent. First of all the crystals are 92% natural and they go in at the START of the wash cycle...the longer they are in there the better! Weird I know but it works! I personally liked washing my athletic wear, towels and blankets that I use daily in the Purex Crystals, the awesome smell lasts a long time compared to my old fabric softeners! Its also safe to use them on your child's sleepwear and anything else your heart desires!

As I said Purex and Jockey make a great pair and now that Purex has an awesome product to wash your athletic wear in- Jockey has an equally awesome performance sports bra I also got to try! The 2012 Jockey Tech Terry Performance Sports Bra is moisture-wicking to keep you cool but dry, breathable mesh panels, SOFT bottom band for comfortable support, a reflective logo on the back (which comes in really handy if you have an "athletic body" and can wear just the bra )  and the thing I found the most impressive was the "Key pocket" it has so you can take your workouts anywhere! I had some free time the other day with no one else home so I got dressed and locked the door and went for a walk/run and was able to lock my house door and not have to take a purse or carry pack with me because I stashed my house key in my bra pocket!! It was a great feeling that I could lock my door because I had my key right with me! You can machine wash and dry this bra! Remember to use your Purex Crystals on it instead of softener though so you don't ruin the moisture-wicking feature! Head on over HERE to grab your 20% OFF COUPON for your Jockey Sports Bra!
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Disclaimer: The sponsoring companies provided me with free samples of their products in exchange for my honest opinion! Opinions expressed here are my own!

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