12 November 2011

Have A girl in the family? Add the "Doodle Bear" to your Christmas List!

  This month my girls and I have gotten the chance to review Fisher-Price's Doodle Bear. Our Doodle Bear was Rose. I decided to let the twins take the first shot at doodling on Rose while their big sister was at school plus I wanted to see how well they did with their "drawing" skills. I don't think a child can ever have enough practice at fine motor skills with the way schools are now a days! So if your child can have fun while practicing that skill I say its a huge WIN-WIN situation! So here's how the first try went -

The girls really liked being able to have a toy that they COULD color on! Normally sharing comes a little harder in our house than I'd like but they were more than happy to decorate the Doodle Bear with each other and let me show them some things along the way! We all really enjoyed the Doodle Bear and after we showed daddy our hard work we followed the directions on the back of Rose's box and washed and dried her and she came out looking brand new, ready to take on tomarrow's design! 
The Doodle Bears retail price is about $22.00 and they are recommended for ages 3+. They come with a stencil with 3 shapes to help you decorate your Doodle Bear along with 2 markers that also have stamper ends on them for your child to use! (extra markers/stampers are also available for purchase) I would recommend his product to anyone wondering what to get that special little girl in their life for Christmas! I don't think you could go wrong with this choice- its cute, fun and easy and won't break the bank plus you get to "doodle" on it time and time again! To get yours or to learn more about Doodle Bear click HERE and you can also follow Fisher-Price for the latest news and deals on facebook and twitter!
 **I received the above product free of charge for my review. My review reflects my honest opinion about my experience with this product.**

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  1. Aaaawww they look like they had a lot of fun with their bear!

  2. That bear will become a piece of art many more times I think! ; )