30 November 2011

Holiday Sweets & Treats Snowflake Tin Christmas Gift Basket

   If your anything like me you have many people on your Christmas list that you have no idea what to get for the holidays! This year I have found a simple solution - Gourmet Gift Baskets! There is a special basket for everyone on your list available at their website - Anything from a basketfull of Yankees goodies for your nephew over seas or a wine basket that would be perfect for your sister in-law who has 5 kids and deserves a "relaxing" present! I am personally eyeing this basket! I love its festive look and everything in it sounds delicious! Theres even baskets that cost under $25.00!! Even the bigger baskets prices are very reasonable......(especially compared to the ones you could get up here in NY) so save yourself some money and the hassle *pick out a gift basket and let them send it to its destination for you - you know how crazy and time consuming the holiday season can be so make it easier on yourself and plus, with the fancy look of these hand packed baskets the reciever will be amazed at the gift you gave them and the thought you put into picking one out for them!

But thats not even the best part-
The best part is....GourmetGiftBaskets.com is doing some holiday giving and donating wonderful care packages to injured war veterans this season! So lets keep the good going and remember the veterans and soldiers in your life this holiday and what recieveing a package would mean to them!


  1. Its had to choose because they have so many options but that leaves alot for the rest of the years gifts! :)

  2. yummy... i ordered one hopefully it gets to us by xmas!!!