25 September 2011

The Lion King Nala Costume from CostumeDiscounters.Com

Every year when the talk of halloween costumes come up very rarely can my daughter say she wants to be the same thing two times in a row. So this year with the new release of The Lion King in 3D this fall I figured The Disney Nala and Simba costumes would be one of the biggest "hit" things to dress up as this year so I chose Nala for my oldest daughter and got her grandparents to take her to watch the movie so she'd see who she was going to be for Halloween. Just like I thought she'd do - she wanted to be Nala immediately after the movie, so it worked out great!

While on costumediscounters.com I was immediately surprised at their wide selection of children's costumes and the reasonable prices. Before being an "online mommy" I always thought the only choices I had were in the local stores but I've found the last few years that websites like this have a MUCH BETTER SELECTION than any store in my area ever could! The Nala costume was about $32.00 and came with the jumpsuit, detachable tail and the headpiece. Better yet this was an officially licensed Disney costume so I know its worth the price you pay! This costume was great because living in chilly upstate NY most Halloweens require you to dress your kids for cold weather and even snow so I can now easily give my daughter extra layers under the costumes convenient jumpsuit and it won't cover up her actual costume! The headpiece seems to be her favorite part of it to wear! It has velcro in the front and she puts it on all on her own to run around the house and chase her sisters! So far it hasn't been damaged at all by her everyday use of it and at least she's having fun with it for more than one night!

If you, your child, your spouse or even your pet needs a costume this year I'm sure Costume Discounters can help you get what you need! They have the lowest prices guaranteed!! (If you find the identical costume cheaper they will match the price!) Their website also has a delivery calculator to show you how fast they are at shipping your order and you can get free expedited ground shipping on orders $60.00 and more! My costume arrived quickly and safely and we are very satisfied with their product! I plan on getting my twin 2 yr olds costumes from them as well! Take a look and see what you think!
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The Lion King Nala Costume

I recieved the Nala Costume from Costume Discounters in exchange for my honest opinion on the product and was compensated in no other way, everything here is my own personal opinion


  1. She looks cute! Does she offer to share? LOL

  2. No no sharing........but I think we are going to be getting anothe lion costume and probably a dog! they can just never decide lol but she likes being the lion princess!!