24 August 2011

Plush toy Nala and Simba from "The Lion King"

            While at my local Walmart the other day my twins were so good that I just had to reward them! To my surprise while seaching the toy aisle for a not to expensive but decent toy for them I found one of my old favorite toys! The kissing Nala and Simba!!
           I had my own flashback while picking it up to show them and see what they thought! They were my "best friends" for many years when I was young and was thrilled to see that they had them out again! I now know that this could be because they are releasing "The Lion King" in 3D by what commercials on T.V. have told me.  Which I am also very excited about as a parent and as a kid at heart!
         The set cost about $20.00 but to me it was worth it for my girls to have the toy that I grew up loving so much! Its so much fun to see the twins play together with them to get the lions to "kiss"! I also saw that they have many many other lion king toys on the shelves now that I am very tempted to buy and maybe save for Christmas if I can keep from giving them to the girls ahead of time. Disney brand toys always seem to be a little more expensive but for some reason Disney is never "out" of style so they can charge what they do. I hate to give into this fact but come on its one of my all time favorite movies, and if I go watch it in 3D between me having a soft side and my crazy pregnancy hormones I will probably ball my eyes out in those heartbreaking parts! Either way I look forwad to the movie and more toys being on the shelves.  So far I haven't really found anything negative about the 2 plush kissing lions, my girls love them and play with them daily! I just hope the quality is the same as it was when I was young because I kept mine with me for years so I hope my girl's set does the same for them!

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