06 August 2011

Pickles in the Making

As of today i have finally started making pickles out of the cucumbers in my garden. I didn't buy the usual looking cucumbers, instead I purchased "Pickling Cucumbers" this year! They are much smaller and shorter than the norm and they don't need to be peeled! Plus they don't take up the garden space that the other plants do and they produce like crazy! I plan to pass on my opinion of the BEST

pickle recipe after I try a few! It's far more interesting than having just one type of pickle to choose from!


  1. MH made pickles last year and we never tried them until last month, lol. They taste pretty good though. It's fun making your own food, isn't it?

  2. I have a blast with the new garden this year and now the canning! I hope to get to do jams and everything someday!

  3. I've got a recipe for jam out of green tomatoes. You will like it, very easy to make!!!