15 August 2011

Step2 Wagon for Two Plus! Better than a Stroller!!

With my oldest daughter the traditional stroller worked just fine but after my twins were born I had 2 different brands of double strollers.....which were nice but I really just did not like them. As a 1st birthday present for the twins we were given the step 2 wagon! The kids LOVED it and we now had a new favorite "ride"!
The wagon can take up more space but it fits nicely in the back of my SUV. We have taken it to weddings, malls, zoos and many other places around our town and its worked great. I must say though that it saved our butts on our first big family vacation to NC. It took up alot of packing space but was well worth it. Whether we were pulling it on the side walks or strolling down the beach in the sand it worked great.

Since the twins were to little to just let them run to the ocean we would strap them in their wagon and pull the wagon into the water a little ways so the waves would hit it and the kids had a ball. My oldest also rides in it occasionally but her favorite thing to do is pull her sisters around. Thanks to the way this wagon was made it has great steering and feels lighter than what your actually pulling! Its average cost is about $70.00 which is well worth it!
So I guess my point is that if you aren't a "stroller mom" give this wagon a try!! Its the best "accessory" we have ever bought and the kids seem to like it much better than being hooked into the stroller, they get a full view of everything around them!


  1. I love that picture and they look so content!

  2. good idea about the beach. I always get nervous with the waves!

  3. My daughter just loves her step 2 wagon, but most importantly,her boy loves it!
    I totally would tell every Gramma to get this wagon for their special little ones if they haven't already! I just can't say enough about how much we love our wagon!
    Our step 2 wagon has been everywhere!

  4. I would trade my 2 double strollers in for another one any day!! Its perfect for toddlers!