17 May 2012

"Natural House" Moppy Floor Cleaner & Scubber


"Natural House"  makes natural household cleaning products, one of their newest releases is "Moppy"!  It's a Non-Toxic Professional grade cleaner with natural probiotic action thats safe for use on many surfaces! While scouring dirt and lifting grime it leaves no dulling residue. At $4.99 a pack the four water soluble packets inside will last you 30 days and the orange mint scent will leave your floors smelling 10 times better than they did before Moppy! HOW IT WORKS - Water activates the probiotics and they then begin to consume dirt, grime and germs on contact, they will then CONTINUE WORKING until the next weekly treatment! How awesome is that!!! Its not hard to use either so don't worry - basically all you have to do is toss the packet into a gallon of water, watch the foaming action for about 5-10 seconds, soak your mop in and GO! I was unsure about this product at first because I have yet to use something "natural" and felt like it was stronger than my old product! Moppy really is better than my normal favorite floor cleaner! The even bigger thing for me was that its NON-TOXIC! If any of you parents out there feel like I do then those 2 words are a deal breaker when you have small kids in the house. Granted I don't want them to go eat it out of the package but at least I know that if a cheerio drops on the floor and one of the kids eat it before I can steal it away then I don't have to immediately freak out because of whatever chemicals I just put on my floor! The orange mint scent is also new to me, it smells great and I even think it smells "clean"! Moppy is mainly for use with traditional mops (which is what I use), but it can be poured into refillable bottles for mopping systems such as Swiffer that allow you to do so!

You can purchase Moppy on Natural House's website here or on Amazon!

Remember how much you getting in one small package!
      Industry-First, Cutting-Edge Probiotic Cleaning Products
      Convenient foaming water soluble pouch application
      Cuts through dirt and lifts grime from the floor
      Active ingredients keep working to maintain germ and odor free surface
      1 bag lasts 30 DAYS
      Safe to use on multiple surfaces including high-gloss surfaces,
       terrazzo, marble, slate, vinyl, tile, and finished hardwood surfaces
      Use weekly to promote a healthy and safe home
      Leaves no Dulling Residue
     Scrubbing action scours dirt and lifts germs and grime, while driving
       out odors at their source
      Eco-Friendly, non-toxic, biodegradable

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Natural House wants you to have the same great experience I had so they are offering one Package of Moppy to be given away to one of you! I have made this an easy entry but could you please leave a comment telling me if you have used/heard of natural house products before?      

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Disclaimer: This post was written for the sponsor who provided the complimentay product for review in exchange for my honest opinions. They have also provided the giveaway prize.


  1. I love Natural House! I use their Flushy and Sinky. I haven't tried Moppy. Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. I have never heard of this product. Thanks for the review