03 February 2012

Does Your Skin Need Help?-Try Skintactix

About Skintactix (http://skintactix.com/)
The Skintactix label and website were introduced in June of 2001, giving the public easy access to highly effective treatment of acne and related conditions. Information and education have been an emphasis within our corporation since 1997 and we hope this website is a valuable and complete resource.
  Most people who visit the Skintactix website have been to one or more skin care professionals and have tried multiple forms of treatment without success, yet many of these professionals continue to prescribe or recommend treatments that are only marginally successful. Through education and the sharing of information we hope to make these professionals aware of more effective options.

As some of you may remember towards the end of December I took the Skintactix Clear Skin Challenge , here are my personal findings! I have never had "extremely" bad acne even in my teen years....normally I get the once or twice a month breakouts, but when they came they were bad! But during my recent pregnancy my skin was about the least beautiful I had seen it in a long time! I have combination skin and it seems like it would be the easiest skin to treat...most days I think its the hardest! I never know if its going to turn into an oil factory or dry out like I sat in a tanning bed for 12 hours! Its soo frustrating. I for one had heard of things like Proactive before and tried it with no noticable results! So when I came to find out about Skintactix I said it was worth the try! I began using it about 4 weeks after having my daughter. I chose Acne Kit A1 For normal or combination skin. It has a 3-step treatment process: Step 1-Antibacterial or Glycolic Cleanser, Step 2- Glycolic Exfoliator and Step 3 is The Green Tea Poultice. Unless you run into problems this is suppose to be an AM and PM routine. I love Step 3, I could almost feel it working away the minute I applied it! After about 2 weeks of using Skintactix I began to notice my skin getting dry so I backed off on how much I was applying. I also noticed a "flare-up" a little after 2 weeks but about a week later is when I noticed my skin was getting a lot clearer and more stable, which is the result I was after! I highly recommend that anyone who has had trouble seeing results or improvement from their old acne products to give Skintactix a chance- it might be the best thing you ever do for your skin! They have EVERYTHING  imaginable on their website! (even a tool to help identify what your skin problem is) also special treatment kits for blackheads and whiteheads, and loads of other information on acne and problematic skin conditions!

 I unfortunately do not have a "close up" picture of my skin from my pregnancy-due to the fact it was horrible and I avoided close ups!! But if you can tell my skin after a month trial kit of Skintactix is fairly clear and stable! My next plan is to get a Blackhead/Whitehead kit to see if I can clear up some of those annoying little spots around my nose area.....other people might not stare and notice them but I do! But as of right now I feel like Skintactix has helped me regain my pre-pregnancy complexion!
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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary trial product from the sponsor in exchange for my honest opinions! Thoughts expressed here are my own!

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  1. I have a terrible black head problem : ( Nothing ever seems to work!