13 January 2012

Build-A-Bear Workshop - Great Buddies now at Clearance Prices

 Build-A-Bear Workshop is great for so many reasons! First of all they have a HUGE selection of over 30 "friends" to choose from starting at JUST $10.00! The "building" process is something you don't find at every shop and here they make it super special for your child....or the inner child in YOU! You can even create a special birth certificate for your new bestfriend so that if he ever gets lost, he has an excellent chance of being found! I'm sadly over an hour away from the closest shop here in NY but I have had the pleasure of experiencing Build-A-Bear's quality when I received 18in Erik from the Movie Happy Feet 2! Its not the same thing as going into the store and allowing your child to make the stuffed animal themselves but its the next best thing to order online if you find yourself in my position!

 My three girls attacked him! He is the perfect size for them to snuggle up with and he's sooo soft sometimes when they are napping I find myself holding him! His bow tie lights up and there are so many adorable outfits to dress him in - we put our Erik in a red hat, sweater and scarf set to add to his wintery feel! I couldn't believe that after all the brutality my toddlers put him through he is still as good as new...most stuffed animals have short lives in our house! 

I was so surprised at the selection Build-A-Bear carries......I was always under the assumption they only had bears, I was very wrong! I also thought they would be extremely expensive...yet again I was wrong! Right now they have Erik from Happy Feet 2, Smurf characters and Alvin and the Chipmunks characters in their "Sale Den" at great prices! They are normally about $23.00 and you can grab them now at a steal of $15.00!

The other great thing about this company is that they have a "Beary Big Heart" and after looking at all of the community involvement they have I also find that to be very true! To see how you can help their causes click HERE! You can also keep up with them on Twitter and Facebook! For my twins birthdays this spring instead of having a big party we are going to have a family trip to the closest store and let our four girls make their next best friend! Its a long trip but with how much they love Erik I think its about time we let them each have their own that they can make with all the love they desire and it will be well worth our money! I'm thinking I might even come home with my own too since I missed out on the Build-A-Bear treat as a kid!

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  1. I've built 2 build a bears for my 4 year old. When he was a baby/toddler I'd get one for him every year at Xmas time.