05 August 2011

"The Kite Runner"

After reading the first few chapters of Khaled Hosseini's "The Kite Runner" I was starting to wonder what this book had to offer. It started off with a very different theme than what my normal "reads" do and was unknown territory to me. How many of us can read a book about Afghanistan and understand why everything is like it is there? I never hear about this country unless its to deal with war topics! I am beginning to see that this place is not just a war zone, it's filled with people that have feelings and emotions just like us, inner demons and battles with oneself, victories and joys and that "The Kite Runner" is an excellent book based on very real events that occur in this country more often than you‘d think. 

It is very powerful and when I go to bed at night my mind is still stirring. A story of chasing a father's love, a best friend's loyalty, what is right and wrong and how everyone has a skeleton in their closet. I would recommend this to anyone with an open mind that looks for a novel with powerful haunting topics, vivid characters, a curiosity of other cultures, and the fight for redemption and inner peace. This book has pulled me in unlike I was ever expecting!!


  1. I think I started this one a long time ago, but never finished.

  2. It was hard to get through in the beginning but then it took off in the middle and got much much better! I'm so glad I stuck with it!