06 November 2012

FeverAll Acetaminophen Suppositories

Why should I keep FeverAll® in my medicine cabinet, you ask? Four big reasons!
1. Benzocaine teething gels are a no-no. Earlier this year, the FDA advised against using teething medicine containing benzocaine commonly found in teething gels. Acetaminophen is safe when used as directed and is commonly recommended by pediatricians as a temporary pain reliever for teething.
2. As a parent, you know to expect the unexpected. With FeverAll®, you will be ready to temporarily relieve your infant’s or child’s pain and reduce fever, even when you are unable to get them to take liquid acetaminophen orally due to fussiness, vomiting, spitting up, or spitting out.
3. FeverAll® is trusted: It’s an Official Recommended Product of “Mommy MD Guides” (http://www.mommymdguides.com/), and parents and healthcare providers have relied on the accuracy and ease-of-use of FeverAll® for more than 30 years to temporarily relieve pain and reduce fever.
4. There’s nothing else like it: FeverAll® is the top national brand of acetaminophen in suppository form and FeverAll® Infants’ Strength (80 mg) is the ONLY acetaminophen suppository approved for infants as young as six months.
FeverAll® is available at major retailers and drugstores across the U.S., such as CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, and Walmart, for a suggested retail price of approximately $7.00 for a package of six suppositories. FeverAll® is available in three strengths, ranging from Infants to Children’s and Jr. Strength for kids up to 12 years of age. Learn more about FeverAll® at www.FeverAll.com and join our community at www.Facebook.com/FeverAll.
My baby girl starting her teething journey!

My Take: 
        I'm a mommy to 4 children age 5 and under....needless to say I have encountered many times where my teething or sick babies needed medication and over the past 5 years what has been considered "safe" has changed dramatically, which is a scary thing for parents! I have had babies teething when the Tylenol recall happened and all were pulled from shelves, I have used Hyland's teething tablets when they were pulled from shelves and I used the teething gels shortly before the FDA declared them unsafe due to the benzocaine. It's a SCARY thing! When I was informed about the FeverAll Acetaminophen Suppositories I was also scared, BUT for a different reason. Between you and me I have never actually had to administer one before. I was trained to do it in one of my past jobs but never had to put my knowledge into action. To ease your mind though here is why I am still using FeverAll - it wasn't hard at all!!! Granted the first time was a bit different for my baby girl and I but by taking the chance I KNEW what amount of medication she had (since she wasnt spitting out liquid all over) and I saw the relief she got from it and it was QUICK! Not only will it reduce a fever when she has one but last month alone she got 7 teeth (seriously...yea...Seven!) and she was in much less pain after giving her the FeverAll. The most important thing for me as a mom on this journey is to do what is safe for my girls and right now FeverAll is the only thing I still feel safe using after what I saw happen to all the other meds I use to use. If you are in the same position I was in a few months ago please give them a try. Not only will it ease your mind but your infant/toddler/child will feel the relief too!  
Win your own FeverAll (Infant's Strength ages 6-36 months) and a FeverAll branded Cool Pack!
*To enter please just leave your email below in the comments section and tell me what you normally use to give your child when they are teething/running a fever!
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DISCLAIMER: this post was sponsered by the above company in exchanged for my honest opinions!


  1. Sarah Hall - hall490@comcast.netNovember 7, 2012 at 1:19 PM

    I use the childrens Tylenol to reduce fever.

  2. i use infant tylenol.
    caseyeve_003 at yahoo dot com

  3. infant tylenol and i use the freezer teethers


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  5. I use infant tylenol

  6. No child yet, my sister is expecting so I wanna win this fo rher.

  7. I usually us infant Tylenol.
    thefaulks5 at verizon dot com

  8. oragel i rub an ice cube on and off for 15-20 mins on gums every hour

  9. I use a frozen washcloth and infant Tylenol to help with teething and some infant Tylenol and a cool bath to help with fever.


  10. I use Infant Tylenol as well.
    lauraemerson17 at yahoo dot com

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