28 January 2012

Interested in Mirena birth control? Here's my First Hand Experience!

Mirena is a soft, flexible IUD that releases small amounts of hormone locally into your uterus. It gives you birth control you can count on—that lasts for as long as you want, for up to 5 years.
  • Mirena is more than 99% effective at preventing pregnancy
  • You can try to become pregnant as soon as Mirena is removed. Within a year of having Mirena removed, about 8 out of 10 women succeed at becoming pregnant
  • If you have a pelvic infection, get infections easily or have certain cancers, Mirena is not right for you
  • Mirena is also proven to reduce heavy periods in women who choose intrauterine contraception
So here it is-my first hand experience of having Mirena birth control implanted yesterday! Some women are very shy about these types of things, and thats okay but after having 4 kids I for one am fairly open about these "womenly matters"! I do not think anyone should ever feel ashamed or shy about the fact that we are women! These topics come along with the title!
   I was looking for something long term but not permanent and this seemed to be the only option I had that sounded right for me. *as long as you have the same sexual partner no other contraception is needed but if this isn't the case you may still need to buy the occasional box of condoms since this does not prevent STDs. *this is the only bith control also proven to reduce your monthly PMS *It literally is effective for 5 years straight!! Which is great for hubby and I because if we want another child then would be about the time our youngest will be in kindergarden-if not then I can get another one placed when this one gets removed! I have also thought of another great use for this birth control....High School Girls(if you get a mirena placed your senior year it would be good until you graduated and completed 4 years of college) How awesome would it be to not have to worry about something unexpected happening when you have an educational plan in place!?? Its an idea for you to ponder!
      Most OBGYNs request you to come into the office for placement when you are menstrating-it will make the procedure less painful. Most doctor's also need a normal pap smear result before the procedure which I had done a week before placement.  In my case I didn't have time to wait so my doctor gave me a painkiller to take about 20 minutes before my scheduled visit. I did as he advised. If you speak to your doctor about a pain prescription they will most likely work with you. I went into the room and asked any more questions I wanted answered...how soon is it effective...how long till you can be sexually active...etc I was then told to lay back and relax, a numbing gel was used to aide in comfort, I felt slightly uncomfortable after the doctor worked his way back into the uterus and popped the mirena in. It was like a quick, sudden, PMS cramp. Nothing major. Then he told me to sit up-that it was all done (start to end about 15 minutes) I was a bit surprised at the blood loss due to placement in the uterus but after a bit of cleaning up it stopped in about an hour. So if you do not have your period REMEMBER to have a maxi pad or something of that nature with you for the after effects! I got lucky and had one in my purse but no-one told me to expect that. I stood up and after walking around for awhile I still felt some bad cramping but that went away today. All in all I think it was great compared to what I was expecting and should be well worth it! I will update after about a month to see if I am still happy with my choice! But if you are avoiding this beause of fear of placement- don't be! It is a quick amount of discomfort for a longer result. Looking for more info? Visit-Here 

Disclaimer: There is no sponsor regarding this topic. Opinions and experience described is my own!

If anyone else has had an experience with Mirena Please leave yours below!


  1. Interesting. Glad I don't need to worry about those things though.

  2. Well I'm hoping I dont have to for awhile now! ;)

  3. I got pregnant whit mirena I have 2 weeks doc had to removed my mirena 2 days ago ... I had it for 3 years in love whit it! Until now