24 January 2012

Infantino Support™ Ergonomic Cotton Carrier

       As a mother of four many people would think I've tried about every baby product under the sun but thats surprisingly enough not true. I am a young mother but have an "old mother" type of parenting style, I think many of todays "advances" are actually just a waste of time and money...and I know my four year old does not need a cell phone and an MP3 player. If some parents let their children have these types of things thats fine for them but out here in the country a child is more likely to be out in the barn helping their dad then texting their kindergaden friends! So when all of these "baby carriers" started coming out I thought to myself "they are wayyy overrated and not necessary!"
      Our newest addition born in November was my test subject for this baby carrier product I got to try from Infantino! Its an Infantino Support Ergonomic Cotton Carrier. The most impotant things to pull from its name is support and ergonomic- it basically means its designed to give you and your baby maximum comfort, the lumbar belt provides awesome back support for you while the natural seated position supports baby! There are also 2 positions you can use "facing in-cozy time and backpack exploring" As shown below:

  Aubree is about 10lbs now and I use the carrier with her facing in, after she gains more neck strength I plan to try the other position! This carrier also has an extremely pretty and sophisticated pattern on the inside so you can still feel "chic" but if dad uses it, it won't show so the other Mr. Moms can't pick on him! There is a chest strap that keeps the carrier snug, a top strap to balance baby's weight safely (weight level is 8lbs-40lbs) and even loops for hiding away extra straps so you can avoid that sloppy look!
         I loved this product from Infantino and it saddens me to know that I could've used carriers for my three other girls but my closed mind on baby products kept me from something that could've helped me out a lot. With 3 toddlers running around the house I really needed a way to keep the baby with me at all times but to be able to use my arms and get from room to room. The carrier also saves me when its time for a walk! (You can't push 2 different strollers when your only one person!) and the thing that makes me the most happy about this carrier is that Aubree loves it too! She will look around at the new perspective the carrier gives her when she's awake and sometimes she just can't battle the comfort and closeness and falls asleep! It was by far one of the most comfortable things I have ever worn, it felt natural which also surprised me and it felt secure so I knew aubree wasn't going to fall or tip out! To anyone that is a new parent or hasn't purchased a baby carrier yet this would be a great one to get! It can be found here on the Infantino website for $49.99, they also have many other great products and styles of carriers for you to choose from! I was in no way disappointed and it proved my prior feelings were completely wrong! It almost seems like Infantino knows what moms want and could really use then they take all their time, effort and heart to make the right products for moms and babies alike! I would recommend their products to anyone!  To keep up with Infantino and get the latest news and deals follow them on twitter and facebook! 

Disclaimer: This post was written for the sponsor who provided the complimentary product for review in exchange for my honest opinions.

                                  Aubree and mommy after a nice walk
                       using the Infantino Support Carrier!


  1. Cute pic! I always thought the baby carriers were useful myself :)

  2. I believe it now-beforeI thought it was never worth it! :)