10 December 2011

Family, Friends and Germs Oh My! Health Tips for the cold season!

        The holiday season is coming fast and so is cold season which means more time around nasty, crowded, germ infested areas in your local stores and malls trying to get your shopping done and more time sitting next to that stranger that sounds like he has whooping cough on your bus/train/plane/ or subway when your trying to get somewheres! With having 4 kids all under the age of 5 (one is a newborn) I take cold season very seriously, two other people who do as well is the expert duo of microbiologist Dr. Benjamin Tanner and parenting guru Stacy DeBroff! This is where Wet Ones antibacterial hand wipes can come in very handy when battling to stay healthy this winter! They are a quick, easy way to kill 99.99% of bacteria that causes colds and coughs! They come in many forms that make them even easier to use. I am currently using a canister of them in my home, a portable pack in my car and individual wipes packs are in my purse and diaper bag! My favorite thing to use them for is wiping all the kid's hands down whenever my heart desires and getting the comforting feeling of knowing that even if its just for a minute my kid's hands are 99.99% bacteria free especially after their best friend just shared germs with them!
Dr. Benjamin Tanner and Stacy DeBroff have some geat advice everyone should read to have a healthier winter and beyond!
Dr. Tanner says:
Don't touch your face.
Most cold viruses are spread by contact with surfaces through "self-inoculation" when hands pick up cold viruses, and then touch the nose or eyes to start an infection. In fact, a study of kids showed that a program to discourage touching the face reduced colds by nearly half.
Keep Your Immune System Healthy.
Studies show that maintaining a healthy body weight with proper nutrition reduces risks of infection, and also may prevent inflammation (potentially damaging immune system hyperactivity).
Practice Good Hygiene for at Least a Week After a Cold.
Cold viruses can be found in nasal secretions of children for two to three weeks after the onset of symptoms. That's a long time for an unwanted guest to stick around!
Keep Up on Cold and Flu Germs.
Colds are most infectious during the first two to four days people are infected. And you can't outrun their germs: droplets from sneezes can travel at a velocity of 45 miles per hour and cover a distance of 10 feet. Wash your hands and face regularly; when soap and water is not available use Wet Ones® wipes to kill bacteria on your hands.

Stacy DeBroff Says:
Pay attention to pals.
Colds typically run through classrooms, so keep an eye on your child's friends and change plans, if needed. Reschedule play dates or sleepovers so your kids reduce their exposure to coughing, sneezing friends. Head off disappointment by helping kids understand how germs spread and reminding them of the importance of staying healthy so they can play in next week's band concert or indoor soccer tournament.
Focus on Health.
Keep kids' immune systems kicking during cough and cold season by preparing healthy meals with lots of fruits and vegetables. By adding a chewable multivitamin each day, Moms also can help ensure children get needed vitamins.
Wipe out germs — and messes.
Clean hands help prevent the spread of cough and cold germs, but kids' daily activities often take them far away from soap and water. Wet Ones® Antibacterial Hand Wipes provide a quick, easy way to get rid of grime and kill 99.99% of bacteria. Toss them in back packs, lunch bags, the backseat of your car, school lockers – and give a stash to your child's teacher – to keep messy hands clean.
Go into laundry overdrive.
When a cold assault runs through a family, wash your kids' pillowcases and sheets in very hot water – even daily, if you can. And, if your child constantly clutches a blanket or stuffed animal, toss those in, too.
Sleep rules.
Kids will always lobby for a later bedtime or one last story, but don't give in during cough and cold season. Stick to nap schedules for younger kids and keep bedtimes consistent for older ones. If sleeping proves tough due to nasal congestion, prop kids up with an extra pillow or two at bedtime to sleep in a more upright position.
On the Road.
Moms often find it even more challenging to keep children healthy during holiday or vacation travel times. Taking along Wet Ones® Antibacterial Hand Wipes offers Moms the opportunity to clean kids' hands frequently.
Learning how to keep her hands "germ free" with Wet Ones

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Disclaimer: This post was written for the sponsor who provided the complimentary product for review in exchange for my honest opinions as well as the giveaway product.


  1. Looks like you have a little girl who loves trying out products ;)

  2. My family tries to do many other the typical prevention methods like washing hands. We also get our flu shot every year

  3. We all carry hand sanitizer and wash our hands frequently!

  4. We wash our hands and eat healthy foods.

  5. We all get our flu shots, wash our hands frequently, and keep our home clean.

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  6. Always wash hands before eating

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  7. my always remind my family to wash their hands and use sanitizer!
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