16 February 2013

Busy Days

I've never completely understood the phrase "working mom", whether you work out of the house or not I can almost guarantee your days are filled with many responsibilities and countless chores so that's a pretty redundant phrase!! Although I have had many new things happen in the past few months and I am back in the work field!! After what felt like oodles of training I was hired to the u.s.p.s. as a rural carrier...I basically load up my jeep with all the mail and packages of the day and drive on all the back roads I never knew existed. It's been a good time so far so I'm hoping that continues to go well, with a family of 6 you almost need both parents working these days!! My other time consuming endeavor has been to take up quilting!! I feel that it's beginning to be a lost form of art in the younger generations so I want to learn before there's no one left to teach me besides google!! Although the Internet has been useful in some cases it helps to have "in-person" help. So far I picked material, kind of learned how to use the sewing machine, got the tools I need to cut blocks and have sewn 18 "9 blocks" together! So I'm still a ways away from completion but I have enjoyed it this far and hope to have a finished product to show you soon seeing as how my computer time goes down when I use it as sewing time! Any input or advice on the quilting adventure is welcome and appreciated!!

1 comment:

  1. I wish you were my mail carrier, then I would know I would always get my mail ;)

    Can't wait to see your finished quilt!