12 December 2012

Comfort Zone with D.A.P.

Comfort Zone with Feliway  Diffuser (for the cats) and Comfort Zone with D.A.P. Diffuser (for the dogs) both mimic the pheromones emitted by cats and dogs that send a signal of comfort, helping animals feel at home in their environment. When your pet senses the pheromone, she feels secure and comfortable, reducing her fear reactions and her urge to act out destructively through chewing, scratching or house soiling. It’s also a great product to help pets adapt to surroundings when introducing new family members or traveling!

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Pheromones emitted by animals through their skin and glands are natural chemicals that help them to communicate with others of the same species. In mammals, the vomeronasal organ, a structure close to the nasal passage, receives these pheromone signals. When animals receive pheromone signals, there is an involuntary behavioral effect on those animals. There are many types of pheromones, and different classes have different effects. For instance, some serve social functions among animals, while others serve sexual functions. Comfort Zone® with D.A.P.® (Dog Appeasing Pheromone) products mimic the “appeasing” pheromones secreted by nursing mother dogs, sending a signal of comfort and safety to her puppies.
When your dog or puppy senses the pheromone, he feels secure and comfortable, reducing his fear reactions and his urge to act out destructively through chewing, excessive barking or house soiling. The diffusers work by using a heating element to disperse the pheromone into the air. Once the pheromone is present, the pet breathes it in, and the pheromone attaches to a receptive organ, called the vomeronasal organ located in the nasal cavity. The vomeronasal organ then signals the brain, via nerves, and a sense of well-being is established.

Just plug it into the room in which the dog has recently urinated, chewed or displayed other signs of stress, for ’round the-clock' control One diffuser bottle lasts 30 days and covers up to 500 - 650 sq. ft. Refills are available wherever Comfort Zone® with D.A.P.® products are sold Sprays are available in 75 mL bottles, perfect for traveling.
                 Meet Rocky, the pictures you see here are of "puppy Rocky" and he was adorable and actually a good puppy. Move up to 6 month old Rocky....he chews the kids favorite stuffed animals, any type of hard toy and not daddy's but ALWAYS mommy's new shoes which almost brought me to tears twice....it may sound over the top but I never buy myself new things very often because I'd rather shop for the kids and I love shoes. So after wearing a beautiful pair of wedges once and then finding them destroyed was heartbreaking!!!!! Someone must have known I was ready to snap because shortly after that incident I was told about Comfort Zone. I was skeptical at first because by what other dog owners told me I either had to crate him after he chewed something or just wait for him to "get out of the stage"!! I could not afford to wait for that to happen when he was eating $10 in toys every other night! I love the company of my dog when my kids are all napping and my hubby's at work or when I'm up late. A pet is a wonderful thing to have but I cannot stress to you how much I disliked him at times before Comfort Zone. I followed the instructions and put the warmer in my kitchen.....Rocky always sleeps on that floor at night and its close to where he commits his chewing offenses!! After the 1st month his chewing did decline but it wasn't gone. his attitude was also better when company came over.....he use to jump all over new people and that seemed to be declining as well. Month 2 passed and Rocky stopped chewing shoes and toys. He was even better with people coming into the house and wasn't as hyper. Month 3  Rocky chewed nothing and had no excitement accidents in the house. Which I really wasn't planning to fix with the Comfort Zone but something, somehow in the past 3 months made it stop. My main concern was the chewing which to this day I haven't lost any more shoes since Rocky's 2nd month with Comfort Zone!!!! HAPPY MOMMA HERE!!!  MY TIPS: Remember each pet is different, you may notice a huge difference in your pet after 1 month of use or you may have to keep at it steady for 5 months. BUT seriously the refills each month are cheaper than losing a brand new pair of shoes or your toddler's favorite toy each week and ITS NOT HARD, you put the refill in the warmer and change it after 30 days....sooo much easier than trying to get a trainer to fix your problem!! I did 3 months to be safe and bought 2 back up refills in case I see any habits start to come back. I have waited ONE month WITHOUT using the comfort zone at all.........I have yet to see any stress related destruction happen. Below is a picture of Rocky tonight with the vet recommended product that saved our relationship!! :)   P.S. Rocky just turned 1 this month!!

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  1. Glad to hear it worked--especially for your shoes ;)