16 July 2012

ProXeed Plus - Help for those trying to conceive

     ProXeed Plus is a clinically supported nutritional supplement proven useful in optimizing a man's overall sperm health to impove a couples chance of conceiving. This is big news to the 20%-30% of couples that experience "SUBFERTILITY" at some point in their lives. "Subfertile couples" are those who are healthy but are taking longer than expected to conceive. In an estimated 40% of these couples difficulties can be linked to poor sperm quality!
  The ingredients of this male fertility supplement are proven to play a critical role in sperm development and performance. Clinical trials have shown that the ingredients in ProXeed Plus support sperm health, including increase sperm motility, count, speed, and concentration. The antioxidant ingredients in ProXeed Plus may also reduce the effects of reactive oxygen species (ROS)
Taking ProXeed Plus can enhance overall sperm quality, increase sperm count, and motility, and all of these factors can help determine a couple's chances of conception. Perhaps that's why so many leading doctors who specialize in fertility are now recommending ProXeed Plus to couples who want to have children.*
   ProXeed Plus is a lemon-flavored powder that can be dissolved in juice or other cold beverages. It should be taken twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening, for as long as you're attempting to conceive. Since sperm require approximately 74 days to mature and up to 20 additional days to be capable of fertilization, ProXeed Plus should be taken for six months, although initial improvements in sperm quality may be seen after three months.* Improvements in sperm quality such as an increase in sperm count and motility while taking ProXeed Plus will happen gradually over time. For the list of ingrediants and their targeted function click here!
ProXeed Plus is available without a prescription.
Side effects are rare and generally mild in nature.*
If you are attempting to conceive, it is always recommended that you speak with a doctor for additional information on how to increase sperm count and sperm motility.
 *These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease and is not designed to improve sperm quality that is already optimal

Order the #1 doctor-recommended male fertility dietary supplement today. You can obtain ProXeed® Plus by placing your order online, or by calling 1-888-PROXEED (1-888-776-9333).
If you have questions regarding your order or if you need assistance ordering, please e-mail customer service or call us at 1-888-PROXEED (1-888-776-9333). Pharmacy and wholesale inquiries are welcome! ProXeed Plus is available in the U.S. for $125 for a 1 month supply- (2 boxes containing 30 packets each) and can be ordered from the privacy of your home (Online or by phone!) Your Privacy to them is very important so please don't hesitate to call because your afraid someone will find out - that won't happen!

My Take:
I personally have not encountered fertility problems but I have had many close friends and family encounter them and I know that it can be a painful road so to any of my readers that are going through this I am sorry, I know it is not easy. But I am here with GOOD NEWS! ProXeed Plus is actually being recommended by fertility specialists and with good reason I think! For my review I made the husband drink a packet a day for a month. His first one we mixed with cold water.....he was not impressed. The next day we tried mixing it with iced tea.....he drank it without a problem and continued doing it that way for the rest of the month. Now as I said I am not currently trying to conceive but wanted to see if this was something a man could keep up with and commit to (and actually drink to be honest) and surprisingly enough he did. So if your other half is hoping as much as you are to conceive I think he will get it done with no problem! After our experience we both agreed that if we plan to have more children down the road ProXeed plus might be a good thing to start taking again (even if we don't have problems at that time) Husband said that after reading how many SIMPLE things can diminish your sperm health that maybe its not bad to give them a little boost whether you are having difficulty or not. Caffine, Alcohol, Cigarette smoke, tight clothes and even some polluted air and drinking water can affect your man's swimmers which is a pretty scary thought when many of those things are very comman! I also had a friend that purchased ProXeed Plus for her other half after I told her about it (they had been trying to conceive for about 24 months and had no Known Issues) and I cannot speak for her or tell her complete story but after taking the supplements for about 3 months she discovered she was pregnant. Whether this was just an ironic event or not we don't know but her boyfriend seemed to think ProXeed Plus was helping on his side. Of course results are not guranteed with something like this but for what it costs compared to other options out there I think it is at least worth a try. ~You never know what could happen if you never try!

Disclaimer: This post was written for the sponsor who provided the complimentay product for review in exchange for my honest opinions. They also provided the giveaway prize!

Enter by July 27th 2012 to win a sample of ProXeed Plus! Must be 18+ to enter and live in the US, you may enter daily!


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