11 May 2012

What is uknowkids.com? (First 50 people get to use the invitation code!)

Please watch the video above and then read on!

If you feel like you can relate to the video above then I think uknowkids.com is something you need to check into further! I know I did and my oldest child is only 5!!

What is uKnowKids?

uKnowKids will make it easier for you to educate, engage with and protect your teen or tween when they use social networking or their mobile phone. Check out these great features:

  • Identification of your child's social network profiles, even if they are hidden;
  • Comprehensive social monitoring of Facebook, MySpace and Twitter;
  • Android and Blackberry call history and text message monitoring
  • Location monitoring; and
  • Detailed daily activity reports and much more.

You can finish setting up your account in under two minutes and then uKnowKids will keep you connected to your child's smart phone and social networking activity no matter how, when or where he or she goes online including on his or her iPad, iPhone, iPod or gaming systems.

The Origins (how this all came to be!)

Tim Woda had worked for years at buySAFE, an Internet trust and safety company, helping to protect consumers from poor online shopping experiences. But when one of his own children became the target of an Internet child predator, it was a wakeup call. While his child was not harmed, it forced Woda to think about ways to prevent the new technologies kids use – such as social networking and text messages-from opening doors to such risks.
Joined by his brother Steve Woda, founder of buySAFE, and a talented team of entrepreneurs and technologists, development began on the world’s first Parental Intelligence System that would leverage the team’s tremendous knowledge of Internet security and risk management to help parents keep their social and mobile kids safe.
The concept of uKnow.com was born in June of 2009. The team developed an online service that makes it easier for you to connect to your child’s digital world. Our technology helps protect kids from predators, bullies and sexting. Unlike parental control software, uKnow.com enables parents to “have their child’s back” without constantly looking over their shoulder. By giving parents the information they need to educate and engage their children about staying safe online and smarter tools to supervise their children in a digital world, uKnow.com helps make technology safer for kids and less intimidating for parents. And by supplementing this proactive approach to parenting social and mobile kids with a notification and reporting system to inform parents if their child becomes intertwined in a risky situation, uKnow.com provides parents with uniquely smart tools to help keep our kids safe.
And I know yor probably wondering what will all of this protection cost me - because I was wondering too! So here is the answer

Q: Is uKnowKids really free or is it only a free trial?

A: A free version of this will be out soon called -uKnowsearch. It will allow the parents to search for their child using some of their specific information. uKnowSearch will then take this information and search the 12 most popular social networking sites to show you any possible profiles they might have. If their profiles are public (anyone can view anything!) you may want to speak with them about higher privacy settings and if their page is private(only users they approve can see it) you'll want to make sure they know everyone they approve to see their page but you can take comfort in the fact that it is not public!

So as you can see they offer something for all parents! I can honestly tell you that the whole reason I was interested in posting this information is because its a true problem in the lives of parents today, how can we protect our kids when danger can be sitting right at their computer or cell phone??.....we need help and I think this is a great start and you will too!

If you want more information follow on HERE
The first 50 people to sign-up may use this invitation code A014575 , if the code is no longer working please contact me or leave a comment and I might be able to get you one! uKnowKids is a great company and they are trying to help all of us parents out the best they can and were very generous in giving us these codes to use so please use them only if you are interested! Let me know if you need any further help! **Happy Parenting Eveyone**

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