08 May 2012

Happy Nappers - A Toy and a Pillow! It's a Win-Win!


      Granted I am a younger mom but I don't ever remember being able to get a pillow that had a doorbell on it and had a play buddy stuffed inside waiting for me to wake up from my nap!! Which is exactly what a Happy Napper is! Its a pillow you can sleep on with a zipper on it and doorbell that you can ring to hear what your "play buddy" is doing inside....Then you can pull it out and zip the housing part of the pillow into the animal and Ka Bam- you have a stuffed animal friend to love on! This is all great but my favorite thing about Happy Nappers is the selection offered - Theres a Dragon, Ladybug, Dog, Penguin, Monkey and my personal favorite the Unicorn!! I have FOUR GIRLS and they all love horses but unicorns are even better but they are much harder to find! I like seeing that there are the "normal" choices but also unique ones as well and don't be fooled, this is by no means a tiny item (I can fit my head on it as a pillow!!......believe me its comfy!) and the "housing unit" turns into a 21 inch stuffed friend!  
If you follow this link you can get your little one a Happy Napper at 25% off and if you use this special code (SPECIAL4U) you get FREE SHIPPING!! So you'll pay about $14.99 which compared to other items I've spent money on for my kids this is well worth it!

Disclaimer: I received the complimentary product in exchange for my honest opinion. All thoughts here are my own!

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