21 March 2012

Stop Calling Him HONEY...and Start Having Sex!

 About the Book    The greatest problem in long-term relationships is a diminished sex life, yet until now, no book has addressed the real cause of this problem. STOP CALLING HIM "HONEY" AND START HAVING SEX is the first to tackle why sexual boredom happens in the first place and to offer real solutions to rekindle desire.
     Challenging the status quo, authors Julienne Davis and Maggie Arana maintain that using the word "honey" is the first signpost down the road to a sexual desert in our relationships. By doing so, we lose our individuality, our gender, and our differentness from our mate. When a couple uses the ubiquitous "honey" instead of their names, they blur the lines of their separate identities, and sexual attraction cannot survive. Once sweet, innocent "honey" infects our relationships, it becomes the deadly killer of desire.   This book is not about just a simple word however, but about how we relate to our partner in many ways. Our words, our gestures, our habits, even our eye contact-all of this affects our sexuality. STOP CALLING HIM "HONEY" AND START HAVING SEX is a revolutionary concept: It's the everyday things we say and do that sabotage our sexual chemistry, and calling him "honey" is only the beginning.

  • Paperback: 216 pages
  • Publisher: HCI (September 1, 2010)
  • Language: English

  •  About The Authors:
    Maggie Arana was in a sexless relationship for many years and this experience was the impetus that led to writing "Stop Calling Him Honey." Maggie's story gives her a unique and personal insight as to why the "roommate syndrome" is so common with couples in a longterm relationship, and more importantly, what they can do to change it.
    Julienne Davis (www.juliennedavis.com) was born in Los Angeles. She left home at seventeen to move to New York to pursue a career in classical ballet. When she grew too tall to audition for the corps de ballet, she made the tough decision to quit dance and began a modeling career. As a successful international model, Julienne's career led to her living and working in many cities, including Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, Milan, Athens, Munich, Barcelona, Madrid, Tokyo, and Bangkok. During her numerous travels around the globe, she learned much about different peoples and cultures. Because London's vibrant cosmopolitan culture held a special allure for her, she made that her main home base for many years. While in the city, she became involved in other ventures, including fashion stylist, club promoter, singer/songwriter, and producer.  For More on Maggie and Julienne CLICK HERE!

    My Opinion: 
          When I first read the title of this book my initial reaction was "hey, I wonder if thats the problem!!" and by the problem I mean the fact that no matter how old or young you are after your relationship hits a certain time frame it seems to lose all of the "zest" you loved about it in its beginning stages! Even though I'd have to say the husband and I have a really good relationship on all levels at this point and time, who doesn't love and miss that part of the relationship where you literally can't get enough of each other??? After being married for 3 years and 4 children later, I couldn't help but feel maybe this book had some truth to it that could help me get those old feelings back! If your even a little interested in this I highly recommend reading it, its not like those books that make everything sound high and dry and completely boring but yet promise you results if you finish it! Maggie and Julienne have filled it with their own expiriences along with many others from people just like you and I, they hit the nail on the head! I would make it a ritual to were after I got all the kids in bed, I'd curl up and start reading...most nights I couldn't stop! It made me feel so much better to know that its a normal thing to lose that "spice" in your love life but that it can EASILY come back with SIMPLE CHANGES! You wouldn't think that something so harmless could actually cause a huge dent in your relationship - but after reading the book and changing my ways, I promise you it does! I noticed a huge change after I explained to hubby that the name game is no longer cute - haha, you should have seen his face when I tried to explain why! But after about 3 days of acknowledging each other as normal people with real names and not code puppy love words I noticed a difference, it was like a whole different level of chemistry was brewing again! It was AWESOME! Theres so much more in the book besides the deadly pet names though!.....Do you ever eat in front of the t.v. together???........hmmmm you might want to buy this now then! To add to the good of reading this book I think that when your spouse/significant other see you reading about how to amp up your sex life it immediatley gets their attention! Which helps you out even more with their cooperation! Reading this book doesn't mean your relationship is shot or that your sex life is dead, it simply means you want to stop the bad habits and get that "crazy, love-struck, honeymoon" feeling back again BEFORE boredom and pet names start to send it down the dead end road!  I also must Thank Maggie and Julienne for having the determination to write this, in a day and age were everything gets criticized they held true to their feelings to make sure this got out for you and I to read regardless of any negative feedback! Its helped me so I know its had to have helped thousands of others as well!  If we were talking stars here "stop calling him HONEY...and start having SEX" by Maggie Arana and Julienne Davis is a 5/5 in my opinion!

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