30 March 2012

MURALS YOUR WAY!! DinosaurTrain Style!

About Murals Your Way:
Murals Your Way by Environmental Graphics, LLC has been making rooms around the
world come to life for over 40 years. We offer the largest selection of high-quality murals anywhere
and provide an experienced and helpful customer service staff. With our on-time delivery and
 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, we've become the top choice for do-it-yourselfers to design professionals.
 We even offer a variety of custom options: we can make a mural from your photo or artwork,
merge your image with one of our murals, and add your name or message to a mural.
Our team of design professionals can also offer multiple ways to install or hang your mural to fit any
 situation. If you can imagine it, we can create it!
We have a team of professional mural consultants waiting to help you with your mural project.
 Our graphic designers can also assist you in making your mural look just the way you want.
Each and every mural we ship receives our individual attention and
your satisfaction is our number one goal.

What is a wall mural?

Murals are most commonly thought to be an image painted on a wall surface.
 But rather than hiring an artist to paint a mural, which can be timely and very
expensive,we're able to digitally print images onto a wall covering material and
you simply adhere it to the wall.We have thousands of licensed images to choose from
 OR you can send us your own image or artwork and we can create the mural that fits
 your room.These aren't like the murals from the 70's (although we have some of those too.)
Wall murals are becoming a popular trend in d├ęcor and can be seen on today's top home
design shows such as Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, DIY Network and HGTV

My Experience:

With 3 toddlers and a baby I was very excited to see the selection of themes that Murals Your Way
offered! To my amazement they even carry Dinosaur Train Murals, which is a favorite with the
kiddos after becoming nature trackers and watching the shows plus there are a lot of pretty scenes
behind the dinosaurs for me to enjoy! I immediately found my favorite and knew it had to go into their
playroom! The great thing about Murals Your Way is that you can have custom measurements made for the space
you want to fill with the mural and you caneven get it customized to the point where you can have your
family name, kids names,whatever you wish on the mural as well! Below was my end result! I am very satisfied!
It turned out exactly how I pictured it!The only thing that was rough was the 4-6 week wait for it to arrive
but its so worth it when it comes to the door! The girls went CRAZY! They love talking about the dinosaurs
on the train and the waterfall, and whenever any other kids come over to play they (and their parents)
are amazed with it too!So if you think murals are expensive and not worth it, order one and you'll be
shocked at how much life it adds to a room and at a reasonable price! I am actually in the process of
finding one for my bedroom now...not dinosaurs of course but Murals Your Way has so many
awesome designs to choose from that I can't decide but I know they will be my Mural Company
from now on! With their excellent styles and the Super EASY!
(trust me you anyone can put it up the right way!) steps to putting up your wall mural along
with the fact that its REUSABLE makes me believe this is truely a great thing! 
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Disclaimer: I received the complimentary product in exchange for my honest and truthful opinions!

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