26 March 2012

Like Dinosaur Train? Check out Nature Trackers!!!!!

   Last November, PBS Kid’s EMMY NOMINATED Dinosaur Train encouraged its tiny viewers to get outside, get into nature and make their own discoveries by introducing new Nature Trackers Club episodes.
    Now, the Nature Trackers fun continues with the launch of the Nature Trackers Club Online! Parents can download monthly nature-related activities to complete with their children, and even win prizes along the way!

Dinosaur Train Nature Trackers Club is a community of young children, their families and educators committed to learning about nature and doing good things for their environment. Nature Trackers enjoy exploring and having adventures, respecting their environment, collecting things, tracking and observing plants and animals, and challenging themselves to get outside and make discoveries every day.      

How To Become a Nature Tracker (its super easy!!)-

Buddy, Tiny, Shiny and Don formed a Nature Trackers Club and you can join too! Print out the Nature Trackers Guide Book to get started. All you need to do is complete a Nature Trackers Challenge, and you’re on your way! And to receive your official Nature Trackers token, complete all four challenges and mail in the membership form included in the Guide Book. And remember, the first rule of the Nature Trackers club is to have fun!  

So what are you waiting for??? Click here and start your new fun adventure with your child! 

I know my 3 older girls have greatly enjoyed being a "Nature Tracker"! Its something they like to do with me! Its gives them something fun AND educational to do and gets them away from the T.V. and moving!!       

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