03 February 2012

Carol Snow's Novel- What Came First

368 pages
Berkley Trade
Released- October 4th 2011
Contemporary Fiction For Teens & Adults

Publisher's Synopsis:   Single mother and successful lawyer Laura longs to give her son a sibling—but first she must track down the sperm donor she used nine years earlier. Her search will lead her to Wendy, an exhausted housewife with out-of-control twins, and Vanessa, a dental receptionist so frustrated with her boyfriend’s commitment issues that she’s switched from checking out shoes on eBay to cruising men on donor sites.
  What Came First is about lost shoes, abandoned dreams, scrapbooking, cookie binges, swim lessons, summer camp, temper tantrums, separation anxiety, infertility, infidelity . . . and backyard chickens. But mostly it’s about motherhood, fatherhood—and what it means to be a family.
About the Author:    Called “an author to watch” by Booklist, Carol Snow is an American author of contemporary women’s fiction and young adult literature. After graduating from Brown University with a degree in psychology, she spent many years writing literary short stories before accepting that she couldn’t go more than a few hundred words without cracking a joke. She eventually turned her attention to crafting humorous, heartfelt stories with wider appeal, and in 2006, Berkley/Penguin published her first novel, Been There, Done That, which Publisher’s Weekly called “humorous, wise . . . romance with a bit of social commentary.” Since then, she has written four more books for adults, Getting Warmer (2007), Here Today, Gone to Maui (2009), Just Like Me, Only Better (2010), and the newly released What Came First (2011), about which Laura Fitzgerald, bestselling author of Veil of Roses, said, “Carol Snow mixes her trademark humor with tenderness and understanding in this good-mom/bad-mom tale of unexpected twists and turns.” Carol has also written two young adult books for HarperCollins, Switch (2008), an ALA Quick Pick for Reluctant Readers, and Snap (2009). Foreign rights to her books have sold to publishers in Germany, Norway, and Romania.
Carol Snow grew up in New Jersey. Much of her childhood was spent immersed in books; the rest was focused on avoiding dodgeball. In addition to her psychology degree from Brown University, she holds an M.A.T. in English from Boston College. Before getting her first book published, she had the typical (for a writer) assortment of odd jobs: tour guide, tutor, chambermaid, waitress. She worked for a T-shirt company, a child services agency, and a vanity press. She even had a short stint in local politics. Her campaign brochures were really pretty, with flawless punctuation.
Since leaving New Jersey, Carol has lived all over the place: Rhode Island, London, Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, Utah, Arizona, and, now, Southern California, where she shares a cat-fur-coated house with her husband and their two children.

During my maternity leave I decided that in my free time instead of worrying about getting everything done I would kick back and relax with a book when I needed my down time. Among my reads was Carol Snow's, What Came First - it was an excellent choice! In my opinion Snow seems to write for the women of our time and discusses a topic that some people are still unsure and touchy about- Sperm donation to create babies for those who would not be able to other wise. What Came First is a great read for any adult or young woman, no matter what your "child status" is you will some how end up relating to the women in the novel. Motherhood is different for everyone including the three main characters who's lives are as different as night and day but they end up with connecting stories! I am a firm believer in whats meant to be will work its way out eventually and this novel is a great example! Tough topics are covered in a humorous way with unexpected twists and turns that will keep you reading until you can't anymore! This was my first book written by Carol Snow but I plan to read more of her titles after reading this one! She has a way of creating "real" characters that like each and everyone of us have their flaws and setting them in a life like plot that will suck you in! I rated this book 5/5 stars! Click to Buy this Novel

Disclaimer: I received the product in exchange for my honest opinion. Thoughts expressed here are my own!  

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