07 February 2012

Blok Squad Fire Patrol Rescue from Mega Bloks

Is that a fire whistle I hear? Well then its a job for the blok squad fire patrol rescue!

All missions are possible when you team up with the two Rescue vehicles of the Blok Squad Fire Patrol Rescue! Build the Fire Rescue Pumper Truck and roar through the streets of Bloktropolis with sirens blaring, carrying hundreds of gallons of water to help put out a fire. Have your Blok Squad Firefighters hook up their hoses and put out fires in even the most remote areas of Bloktropolis! Construct the Fire Patrol ATV and have your Blok Squad Firefighter ride through the toughest terrains to reach any country or city fire! Scout ahead to remote regions of Bloktropolis and help save trapped civilians in an emergency!

Team up both Fire Patrol vehicles and race at top speed to save civilians fenced in from a blazing wildfire!
Ideal for children ages 5 and up!
  • Buildable Fire Patrol Rescue combo of Fire Rescue Pumper Truck and Fire Patrol ATV with 190 pieces
  • Includes 2 Blok Squad Firefighters
  • Collect them all and combine Blok Squad vehicles to create super rescue trucks to complete any mission and save the day!
        I am a mom to 4 little girls, but trust me gender has nothing to do with interest in this family! My oldest goes fishing, plays in mud, and talks about her grandfather's logging equipment all day long and I'm sure her little sisters will be the same way! So when I got the opportunity to try out Mega Bloks I took it because I thought building a Fire Patrol Rescue Squad would be fun with the girls- and I was right! (Don't tell anyone but I use to play with legos as a kid so I was dying to try this out!) 
  The picture is blurry because after those "bloks" came out of the baggie the girls didn't stop moving! We were all having a pretty yucky sick day but I decided maybe this would be a great project to cheer them up! They were having so much fun helping each other (and mommy) get these vehicles in playing condition! We had a great time and loved the end result. The only part I think would be a problem (especially for a 5 year old to do alone) would be keeping track of all the very small pieces that you need to put the set together correctly! With adult supervision I think it would be just as fun for your child as it was for mine! It was a nice thing to sit down and put together with TEAMWORK - which is a great lesson to teach your child at a young age! Then after all our hard work we got to play with the finished product!  

  This was our first Mega Bloks product but we had so much fun with it that I plan to get the Construction Mission one next! It looks like a lot of fun too! For a low price of $9.99 these toys are fun and involve the "put together" step so it will entertain your child longer than most toys!!  Check out Mega Bloks to see for yourself!

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