03 January 2012

New Year! New Goals! New Giveaways!

 I hope everyone has had a great holiday season! With the holidays now over its time to get your resolutions made and start acting on them! My resolution is to try and better myself along with the new community we moved into this past November!  I am personally in the middle of a fight along with other parents in the area to keep one of our local elementary schools open. It has consumed much of my free time lately but its a cause that deserves it!  I am hoping that even though I am one person I can make a difference! Our Board of Education votes on whether to keep the school opened or close it at the end of the month! Wish me and my community luck!

"Average people and the average community can change the world. You can do it just based on common sense, determination, persistence and patience."*Lois Gibbs

On a different note my Maternity Leave is winding down and there will be many upcoming posts and giveaways about the books I have read during these 8 weeks to keep my "adult mind" busy, baby carriers, growth charts, scrapbooks, Build-A-Bear items, Acne kits, Children's and Infants Tylenol, movies and much more! So keep your eyes out!!

           Happy New Year!!

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