20 October 2011

Now through Oct. 31, refurbished mamaRoos $40 OFF

Now through October 31, refurbished mamaRoos are $40 off, so they're only $130! You  can just use the code INSIDER040 to get your discount HERE!  Get it while you can!!

Question : What Exactly is a refurbished mamaRoo?
Answer: Interested in saving some cash and helping the environment? Purchase a refurbished mamaRoo! "Refurbished" means we received a mamaRoo as an open-box return, so we opened up the base and inspected it (individually and by hand) before thoroughly cleaning it and boxing it back up. The fabric seat, toy bar, and toy balls that come with your refurbished mamaRoo are all brand new. Plus, you get a six-month warranty, just like with a new mamaRoo. Your refurbished mamaRoo ships in a plain cardboard box (instead of a colored box inside a plain cardboard box) to save paper, and the brand new seat fabric is included (but may ship separately). All refurbished mamaRoos are the 2011 model, and ship within 2 business days of your order.


  1. I have one of these for my son.. love my mamaroo :)

  2. Hello

    I'm looking to purchase one of these refurbished mamaroos but can't seem to find one on-line anywhere. Does that mean they are now sold out? Thanks

    Darlene Smith