11 October 2011

Awesome Items from Peter Pauper Press

    Peter Pauper Press has been selling fine gifts and books since 1928. I for one had never heard of them until a family member started mentoning their products to me. So of course I became interested! Before turning into "mommy" I loved reading, writing, drawing, and anything creative, I'd write in a journal every night and always looked for the best stationary and pens to use to write letters to my penpal in Texas. I would get so excited over getting a new journal or writing book for Chrismas or my birthday. Very rarely would so many products stick out to me though. Living in a "cow town" not alot of people have a huge interest in doing these things which makes the local selection very small! Looking at the  Peter Pauper Press website I was in heaven! They have so many different designs and products! Some things are designed sophisticated and stylish while others are young and hip! Their products appeal to the "mom" me and the young adult me would have loved them as well! I am currently using their 2012 mom's weekly planner for myself. Let me tell you now- having 3 kids, a hubby and being 34 weeks pregnant and working part time my life gets crazy! I sit down with my planner each night to figure out what I have on scheledule for the next day along with what I need to do for everyone else! Its my cure for "pregnancy brain"!
     I also have other products of theirs that my kids greatly enjoy like the bedtime shadow books and the scratch and sketch activity books! They carry stationary, book lights, bookmarks, gift kits, puzzles, gift books, organizers, holiday cards...they even have CUPCAKE KITS!!! Bottom line these guys are awesome and their prices are very reasonable! As you can tell though they carry A LOT of great items so for your benefit you should hop on over to their website to see what I'm talking about for yourself! I know my local friends have been very thankful for Peter Pauper Press products being introduced to them! You can also connect with them on Twitter and Facebook so you don't miss a thing! Plus you'll be ahead of the game if a giveaway happens to pop up here in the near future!

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  1. I have loved Peter Pauper Press for years! Always something unique and useful :)