17 September 2011

Summer Infant Pink Double Bed Rails

                 When my twin girls were 1 1/2 we realized that we needed to figure out what we were going to do about their sleeping situation........due to them climbing out of their cribs already!! So we purchased a bunk bed that can be seperated until you are ready to put them together with 2 twin sized mattresses since my oldest had a toddler bed before a twin bed and she wasn't in it long at all and we spent money we didn't need to on it so we figured we'd be saving ourselves money since they will have these beds for some time to come! But when we saw how big they really were it was kind of scary to think my little girls would be sleeping in there when they were so little and they could take a big fall off their bed!! So I began my search for toddler bedrails and the Summer Infant Pink Double Bed Rails were a perfect match for what I wanted! This double sided bedrail from Summer Infant is a must have for your child when transitioning from crib to a big kids bed and want a rail on each side. Its simple anchor mechanism ensures a tight fit, it folds down for easy access to the bed or to change the sheets and comforter and can fit up to a queen size mattress. It does have minimal assembly but nothing I couldn't handle on my own so you should be fine to as long as you don't throw away the directions! Its measurements are 42.5" L x 20" H. It doesn't go the whole length of their twin sized beds but leaves only slight space at the top and bottom. I had to get 2 sets of these (hence having 2 beds) but I was okay with that because they ended up working great and I am still very satisfied! I can honestly say to mine and my husband's knowledge none of our kids have fallen out of bed yet and that makes us very happy! They retail for about $32.00 per set!
*This is my own opinion and was given nothing for it, I just simply like the product*

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