05 September 2011

"Little People Animal Sounds Farm"

        I spent my labor day home with my girls and after lunch and naptime today I was able to sit down with them and actually play for a few hours uninterrupted by anything else and I began to see that all their attention stayed basically on their toy farm! They've had it for almost a year now and they are finally playing with it often again! We have lost about all of the animals that go with it though but they put other animals in it....including their dinosaurs! They hide animals on each other in the silo, arrange their animals until their happy with their placement and then they'll pretend play with each other.....the twins talk jibberish twin talk to each other so its hard for me to keep up with the conversaiton but with all the animal noises they make its not to hard to play along! I was so happy to see this today because it seems like toys around here are only fun for about the first month and then they look for something new, but the little people farm made its comeback!!!
                  I will probably have to find a replacement kit for all the animals though because that was one of my favorite things about it- Little People characters are always super cute and are perfect for little hands! And honestly the barn looks like it did when it came out of the box last Christmas!! Kudos Little People I Love your farm and so do my girls!
  Fisher-Price's Little People Animal Sounds Farm comes complete with an adorable new collection of farm animals. The collection helps toddlers discover what a busy place a farm can be. Toddler-appropriate activities include drop-through action in the silo, fun slide surprises when the chicken is pushed along the hay loft and peek-a-boo doors on the side of the barn. Animal sounds are activated where the horse, cow, sheep and pig live, and when kids push the chicken along. Average price of $38.88
Fisher-Price Little People Animal Sounds Farm:
Includes Farmer Jed
Also includes 5 farm animals - Horse, Cow, Pig, Sheep and Goat
Silo conveniently stores all play pieces inside
Fisher-Price Little People Animal Sounds Farm requires 3 AA batteries (not included)

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  1. I bet it will be used a lot when the new baby comes along too