14 September 2011

Knowing Whos on the Other End

  In today's time I find it pretty hard to trust anyone..........especially if I don't know the person! But in a day and age where computers are a main source of our communication with others there are many times we converse and deal with people that we don't even have the slightest idea about who they are! ......and we lecture our kids about all that "don't talk to strangers" junk when we do it every day! Its not something I really thought about until I got into "Blogging" and "tweeting" and started to realize "wow, I am in touch with alot of people every day that I couldn't tell you 10 facts about!" And I know most all of us have our little about us boxes which is good but still you got to admit its not the same as "person to person" contact! So just to try and make myself a little more "known" to whoever is on the computer that could be states away from me I wanted to share a little more about myself so that we don't have to be considered "strangers"!

   My first name is Samantha but I've been called Sam for as long as I can remember! There are more cows than people where I live! I have lived in NY state all my life but have traveled up and down the whole east coast and I gotta say I do love the ocean! The guy in the 2 pictures is the husband and truely my best friend. We are going threw the home buying process right now which we are finding out ...really isn't fun but thankfully we have each other to vent to and we are suppose to be done with it in October! He works fulltime plus alot of overtime and I work part time so time together is precious when we find it. We have 3 daughters and are expecting our 4th child this november......we decided to not find out the sex so it will be a surpise for the whole family! Having a family is the best choice I ever made, there is nothing that could compare to my love for all of them! On the worst of days they make me smile! I work with the mentally disabled and enjoy my job greatly. I feel like I'm actually doing something good with my time at work! Blogging has become a very fun thing for me to do on my down time and I think its a very easy way for me to communicate with mothers out there like me! I love doing reviews and reading reviews and I'm starting to get into the "couponing" thing! The people I have gotten to know seem to be great and I haven't met a "bad blogger" yet! I think I have a pretty laid back personality and a good sense of humor-(just ask my father Inlaw!!)  If a problem shows up theres always a way to fix it! And what doesn't kill you will truely make you stronger and everything happens for a reason! I am catholic and have my own faith and beliefs but would never preach to anyone about theirs or mine! I think there are ALOT of things wrong in the world today that we need to fix for our children and grandchildren's sake! I am short...5ft tall short haha. I was raised in a family of 4 as was my husband. I Love the YANKEES,gardening, fishing, caffine-(when I'm not pregnant) its like having a battery case on, and holidays! I also like to do something spontaneous once in awhile........makes you feel soo alive! Parasailing was one of those awesome things! hubby didn't want to go at first but he went for me and ended up loving it to!   So theres a little chunk of my story and who I am! I hope this helps anyone out there like me that really does want to know a little more about the people they deal with and follow every day! Happy Blogging!!

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  1. I like reading about the person who is blogging...it's fun and you may just have a few things in common ;)