03 September 2011

Biosilk -Silk Therapy...hair miracle???

                         I must say that with 3 little girls and being pregnant and having something to do every minute  of every day and my hair gets no where near the attention it use to when I was in high school and spent an hour a day on it! Now I am lucky to brush threw it when I get out of the shower and throw it up into a pony tail!! Out of my own curiosity the other day I bought a 2.26 fl oz bottle of Biosilk silk therapy for about $13.00......which I think is kind of expensive but I didn't know how far this bottle would go at the time! 

I just remembered my mom using it when I lived at home and threatning to ground me if I touched her "secret super hair ingredient"! So I figured it was worth a shot! I showered, towel dried my hair then put a dime size amount of this stuff in my hair which goes to my mid/lower back and put it in a wet pony tail! When I took my hair down later it smelled amazing!! It felt squeeky clean and had geat volume and movement! I have never had such a product!! I now use it every day when I get out of the shower, it has made my hair so much healthier which has made me so much happier!! It takes just a dime sized amount of biosilk silk therapy to give you these results so yes that little 2 oz bottle is worth the mula!!   

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