10 September 2011

"Alpha & Omega"

    For family movie night last Sunday my oldest daughter picked this movie at the store to be the lucky movie of the week! Alpha and Omega was released on September 17, 2010 to 2,625 theaters nationwide by Lionsgate and was also shown in a 3D format. It stars the voices of  Justin Long as Humphrey, an omega wolf and Hayden Panettiere as Kate, an alpha wolf and daughter of Winston, the alpha-male. As well as the voices of Dennis Hopper, Danny Glover, Christina Ricci and Larry Miller.
       The story line is pretty normal for the animated childrens movie showing examples of defeat followed by success, betrayal followed by friendship and confusion about life and its roles being challenged and followed with a happy ending! Even though it might not look that way right off the bat! The male omega wolf Humphrey is much lower in social standing compared to Kate the female Alpha wolf but that doesn't stop him from persueing his "friendship" with Kate. Along that road he meets many struggles but also many fun opportunities with his friends! Kate also wants to have a special friendship with Humphrey but her status as an alpha will not allow her such a thing which causes her much confusion but makes her realize that she has an important decision to make!
           My three girls loved this movie and hubby and I were pretty interested in it too! Its not my complete favorite but its worth watching! There are even a few good parts where you'll find yourself laughing! "Alpha and Omega" is a good movie for your next family night!

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  1. A lot of the animated movies are much better than regular movies ;)