10 September 2011

21 Pregnancy facts

The Following are 21 things I found interesting about pregnancy!

1. Accidents during pregnancy never cause birth marks.
2. Boy babies outnumber girl babies 
3. A fetus does not have bowel movements before birth. 
4. If you are within the normal weight range for your height you are less likely to suffer problems such as high blood pressure or diabetes during pregnancy. 
5. All the eggs you will ever produce are stored in your ovaries before you are born.
6. It takes about 70-80 days to make a sperm. 
7. Each month there is a 20 % chance of conception. 
8. The sex of a baby is determined by whether the sperm that fertilizes the egg carries the X or Y version of chromosome23.
9. During pregnancy, the average woman's uterus expands up to five hundred times its normal size. 10. Each chromosome contains thousands of genes that determine everything from eye and hair color to intelligence, personality and physical health. 
11. There are some suggestions that baby boys secrete a chemical that causes the mother to eat more during pregnancy. 
12. Tall women are more likely to conceive twins. (mind you I'm only 5 feet tall and did!)
13. The number of multiple births has increased by more than 400 percent
14. Up to 22 % of twins are left-handed while the rate is just below 10% for non-twins.
15. At 37.5 degrees Celsius the temperature of amniotic fluid is higher than that of the mother's body. 
16. Most of the amniotic fluid is actually sterile urine.
17. Your baby does not feel a thing when the cord is cut after birth. 
18. Babies of smokers are more likely to smoke as adults.
19. Fetus starts moving shortly after the mother is 8 weeks pregnant.
20. Baby's life in the uterus is so noisy that he gets accustomed to constant noise. 
21. Of the average weight gain in pregnancy, 38% is the weight of the baby. The rest constitutes the placenta, fluid and blood and the fat gained on the breast and uterus.

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  1. Some of this I don't agree with...my parents are/were smokers, but I always hated it