11 August 2011

Oh the Possibilities

With this (possibly) being my last pregnancy as my husband and I plan I went on reseaching to what people's views are as to finding out the sex of their unborn baby at an Ultrasound, Being that I have one this week to where I could try to find out the baby's sex and I'm not sure if I want to because maybe my last baby being a surprise would be nice. This was what I read from childbirth.org

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

There are many decisions to be made and everyone has their "reasons" for whichever way they choose. I will try and list a few:
Reasons to find out the baby's sex:

Pick only one name
Buy sex specific clothes
Decorate the nursery
Bonding with a specific baby
Why not?

Reasons to wait:

Like the surprise
Help make the last few weeks of pregnancy bearable, not knowing
Could have fantasies about either sex
To annoy relatives
Did not have the need for the technology

Some couples I have taught have shared some "games" they played:

Find out the sex, but have the technician write it on a piece of paper and seal it. Take it to the birth with you.
Find out the sex of the baby but don't tell anyone else.


  1. I think I would want to know so I could be more prepared. That being said, they aren't always correct with the answer after an ultrasound either.

  2. Well My ultrasound today showed me nothing so I guess baby "it" still wants to remain secret!!