12 August 2011

Horse and Buggy Days

Somedays I wish the automobile was never even thought of and produced! To my amazement yesterday my rear view window on my Chevy Trailblazer smashed into a million pieces after just lifting the hatch open! I could have cried after calling my local mechanic and being told that the window used was $650.00! I was on the verge of a breakdown until I called my Insurance company to find out that I was in fact covered! Thank Goodness! I was amazed though because I normally don't purchase this extra protection but was so happy I did! From now on I won't knock having to pay so much a month for my car insurance!

For this being the first time I've ever had to make a "claim" to my insurance I was surprised at how easy the process was.
1- I told them what happened and they said I was covered
2- They asked who I had to fix it and gave me a claim number
3- They said all I had to do was sign the paper the auto shop gave me when the problem was fixed to my satisfaction and that was the end!!

I learned alot yesterday.....about the price of windows and how to use my insurance company when I need them! I will still stand by my statement though that we should go back to the "horse and buggy" days and make it cheaper on ourselves and easier on the Ozone layer! Convenient????- No but maybe thats what we need in the world today, a flashback to the older days, the good days! And for future references ALWAYS call your Insurance company before automatically assuming you aren't covered for whatever happened, because if I didn't I would be paying out the kazoo for a window right now but even though I didn't think I had coverage I called them and I DID!!


  1. Wow, that is weird. I bet that surprised you-not in a good way :(

  2. Who would've known that a chunk of glass could be so expensive!