21 August 2011

"Barbie Puppy Water Park"

     Today was my oldest daughter's birthday and due to the commercials on Nickelodeon she really wanted this Barbie Puppy Water Park. So since I am a parent that likes to get my kids what they want when these occasions come up I purchased it at the local walmart along with her other present selections.
      It was about $24.00 and I can't help but feel that even though the economy is supposably in the can they still charge WAY to much for kids toys!  So for almost $25 I got a Barbie and a plastic pool and slide with 2 little puppies.........the price that would've made me feel like it was worth it would be about ten dollars less! It was fairly easy and quick to put together. I made my Hubby do it and it was in action about 5 minutes later.
         The birthday girl did enjoy this as a gift and was playing with it right away. I wouldn't say it was a bad pick for her but after realizing what you pay for toys these days and how little you get its kind of dissapointing on the parent end of things. Overall the Barbie Puppy Water Park made my daughter's day and was worth the price to see her so excited and she did like her other toys but the fact that this was a "water" toy made it her favorite! I would still reccomend it but like I said I felt that it wasn't a $25.00 toy but it seems that all other toys are that way as well so what can you do besides shop around and compare prices to save yourself  a couple bucks!

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  1. That is cute and I agree, prices are outrageous for toys!